TearUp Events - TearUp the Adirondacks 2021 (June)

Due to COVID
TearUp the Adirondacks 2021 (June)
Now open for registration! Please be sure you are showing up on the list. If not you can register directly from the event.

This is our BIG event and the one that started it all! We started the first TearUp the Adirondacks event at Fish Creek Pond Campground back in 2005 with just a few of us. It has since grow every year with 134 campers attending the event in 2019 !

This is one if not the most popular campground in New York State for those that love camping smack lakeside on an Adirondack Lake. All sites chosen for this event are directly by the water.

The highlights of this event are the Friday night beer tasting and pizza evening, the Saturday group paddle and the Saturday night wine and cheese/steal-a-gift evening and campfire. As well for those staying over Sunday night there will be a farewell campfire with music (we have several campers that bring guitars or other musical instruments).

Dates:  Thu June 10 - Mon June 14, 2021
Campground Site Photos:  NY State Campsite Photos (Fish Creek)
Suggest Sites:  Sites 180-295
Location:  Lake Clear, New York
Activities:  Socializing, Kayaking, Biking, Beer Tasting, Wine and Cheese / Steal a Gift Evening, Fairwell Evening with Music
Schedule of Events:  coming soon!
Items to Bring:  bikes, kayaks (you can rent if need be), a few different beers to share for beer tasting night on Friday, bottle of wine and snacks / cheese plater for the Wine and Cheese on Saturday night, musical instrument for the Sunday night fairwell campfire if you wish.
Campers That Went:  79

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List of All 79 Campers That Went
Participant Name(s) Site# Dates From Equipment
Mary Thuma 184 Jun 11-14 Cooperstown T@b 320 U
Susan Bechhoefer 187 Jun 9-13 Cornwall, Vermont Rpod
Dan and Adrienne Ladd 195 Jun 11-14 Fort Ann, NY R-Pod 179
Ellen Zasoff 198 Jun 10-14 St Petersburg florida Alto safari condo
Robert & Jeanne Coad 210 Jun 10-15 Oswego,NY 35 ft. V Nose Trailer
Diane DeRoy and Robert LaChapelle 213 Jun 10-15 Cromwell, CT 17’ Casita
Terry Sunderlin and Carol Pries 214 Jun 10-15 Palmyra NY Scamp
Sue & Bob Martin 216 Jun 10-15 Richfield Springs NY 34’ Jayco camper
lorianne simon 219 Jun 10-14 Arlington, VT 1959 metzendorf
Nadine Corrigan 220 Jun 9-15 Remsen, NY Yellow T@G
John and Henrietta Foster 221 Jun 8-14 Rochester NY 2016 T@B Trailer
Mike and Renee Garrett 222 Jun 10-14 Forestville, NY T@B
Frank Healy 224 Jun 8-14 Shrub Oak NY Home Built 6X8
Lawrence Knoble 225 Jun 10-14 Baldwinsville, NY 24' Lance
Mark and Pat Copen 227 Jun 8-15 Smyrna, TN RPod 180
Anita Stuart 228 May 8-15 Ontario Little Guy Rascal
John Lynne and Andrew Gardner 232 Jun 10-Feb 14 Rochester, NY Red Vardo
Mark Boncek 233 Jun 10-14 Claryville NY 6 by 10 teardrop (homebuilt)
Ray & Stacy Finney 234 Jun 11-14 Liverpool, NY 5x10 custom trailer
Dave & Kate McGrath (Hosts) 235 Jun 10-14 Ottawa, Ontario 1976 Scotty Sportsman Reno (Cabin Cruiser)
Tom & Alana Buscher 237 Jun 10-14 Greenville NY 2014 Yellow Tab
Mike French and Elizabeh Williams 238 Jun 10-14 Nelson, NH 5X10 Homebuilt
Rick and Chris Frazer 240 Jun 10-13 Troy, NY Truck camper
Lauren, Barb, and Jim Frazer 241 Jun 10-13 Corning NY 5 x 10 trailer and tent
Douglas 242 Jun 7-16 Rensselaer,NY T@G Teardrop
April and Dan Speed 243 Jun 10-13 East Greenbush 1971 13 foot Scotty
Timothy and Tonya Houlihan 245 Jun 9-14 Castile ny 5x8 home built
Ruth Erdmann 246 Jun 7-14 Fairport, NY Scotty
ELAINE & FRED 248 Jun 10-14 Catskill Mts. East Coast Teardrop & Tent
Louise & Randy Finley 250 Jun 9-15 Coxsackie, NY 38' Home Built
tom bradshaw, Gail Mitchell 251 Jun 9-13 Wilmington,ny Lance 1685 trailer
Bonnie Wilkins 253 Jun 8-18 Almond, NY Keystone Passport 199ML
Shannon McMahon 254 Jun 10-14 Alma,NY Rustic Teardrop Papa Bear
Julia Lennon 258 Jun 10-May 15 Nelson, NH Home made Tear Drop
Rodger and Nancy Dempster 259 Jun 10-13 Saranac Lake Runaway Rangerunner
Kevin & Becky Benjamin 260 Jun 11-13 Vestal NY Little Guy 6x10 Silver Shadow Teardrop
Mark and Gretchen Dwyer 261 Jun 9-14 Chittenango, NY T@B
Bob and Melissa Herson 262 Jun 10-13 Caledonia NY T@B 320
Peter Lewis and Peggy VanEpps 267 Jun 10-14 Amsterdam, NY 2012 Silver Shadow Teardrop
Jeff & Maria Joy 273 Jun 5-13 My Office 22' Shinny Aluminum Joy Mobile
Jim and Sandy 278 Jun 10-14 North Brookfield, NY 1978 Wilderness
Peter Lewis and Mary Ellen Bates 280 Jun 9-13 Amsterdam, NY Silver Shadow
Kim & Randy Sixberry 284 Jun 11-14 Potsdam, NY Tab 400
Mike & Lynn Lewis 291 Jun 9-13 Gloversville, NY 5x10 Tag